Our aims & objectives

Our Mission

Anson Cabin Project's purpose is to give children, young people and their families, in and around our community, accessible opportunities for:

  • Enjoyable, adventurous and safe play
  • Family support
  • Personal development
  • Access to new opportunities

Our Vision

  • We want the Anson Estate to be a caring community and a great place to live and grow up in.
  • We will provide a community facility that is attractive, welcoming and appealing for all, with fully-resourced play equipment, for children, young people, families and other residents, providing inter- generational and multi-cultural activities.
  • There will be qualified staff and great volunteers, including children and young people themselves, delivering diverse, exciting and fun programmes, accessible to all, throughout every evening, on weekends and in every school holiday. 
  • We will be fully-funded, sustainable and ongoing with all residents in the area contributing, as they can afford, to the upkeep of the Cabin.
  • We want everyone that lives on the estate and the surrounding area to be aware, and take advantage, of what is on offer at the Cabin.

Our Values

  • We see children and young people as the future of our community.
  • Children and young people's opinions and ideas are sought and cherished.
  • The active participation of family and community is essential to the positive development of children and young people.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our community and want everyone to have equal access to our provision.
  • Respect for one another ensuring everyone feels welcome and able to participate.
  • Staff and volunteers are given support and opportunities for development and their contributions are recognised and rewarded